December 7th, 2009


Link Parking

The following are just ribbon embroidery or patterns that could be turned into ribbon embroidery patterns. Mom wants a tablecloth that actually fits for Christmas and I just happen to have the 120" wide linen in white lying around in my stock pile. - A lot of this is just drool worthy. Nothing I would actually try and particularly not on a tablecloth! - not ribbon embroidery but I think I can make it into a ribbon embroidery pattern pretty easily - Oh! The pine boughs! That would look scrumptious! - again, way too complex for what I want to do but look at the toe! - Flickr, how I love thee! This is what I was looking for. That should work for some of the design.. -just posting this one because it is aweseomesauce
Black horse

I know this doesn't bother anyone else but...

THE FREAKIN' DECADE ISN'T OVER YET!!!! There was no year 0. The zero wasn't around in Western culture until after the modern year numbering system was invented. The modern A.D. calendar system was invented around 525. The zero was brought into Western culture sometime in the 11th century! There is a good five hundred year gap there people!

So, all these "worst moments of the decade" or "one hit wonders of the decade" are really making me question the intellect of the reporters. Not that I wasn't already but really!

Okay, I feel better now. For now. I'm sure if I look at Time again my eye with start twitching.

Blame mistressfetch

Sorry but this is really too funny not to share:

For those that are worried, it the Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody. I still love Animal. He will always be my favorite. "Mama? Mama?.... Dada?" ::giggles::

In sewing news: I bought a bunch of ribbon to start the embroidery on the piece of linen I have. Hopefully, it will turn out well.

I need to take pictures of the pink Italian dress. It's just a simple linen dress but the linen really is scrumptious. I *think* I got it at Joann's because it's not on any of my old lists...

It's from my own pattern and it's a side lacer. The entire dress is hand sewn and I was supposed to make it this summer but just never got around to it. It's the one I worked on over Thanksgiving.

I might add some blackwork to the collar of the dress but I'm not sure. Most of the dresses from the early 16th c don't seem to have much decoration around the neck area. It looks to be a later thing.