December 15th, 2009


Christmas Exploded!

:-D So, I've finished decorating my cubicle -I think- for Christmas. I have the pink, blue, purple, and white lights Kat got for me a couple of years ago along with the nearly 3" purple pre lit Christmas tree. The multi colored lights are draped from the speakers, around the computer monitor, under the phone, and over the rest of the cube in such a way that I might just keep them like this for the rest of the year. Hey, the colors work for pretty much every major holiday!

The Christmas tree -remember, it's purple...and sparkly- has care bear ornaments and Strawberry Shortcake ornaments. I think I need some my little pony ones. There's room!

My co-workers saw my cube the other day and declared that I was ready for the holidays.... Now, just to find some pink and blue candy canes.... D'oh! I'm not finished!