December 17th, 2009

Black horse

Gingerbread win!

So, I didn't put sugar on top of it. It just ruined my sense of historicalness (Yes, that's a word) by adding that. I didn't want to have to explain that "all though powdered sugar isn't period" that the gingerbread recipe is.

Anyways, pretty much everyone that tried it, loved it. I'm one of two people that actually baked! Okay, so medieval gingerbread isn't really baking. It's boiling honey and then dumping stuff into the honey as it cools to make play-dough. But anyways, everyone else brought stuff in from Giant.

My boss didn't realize I had made the gingerbread. She asked me what it was (since I had already been up twice) and then proceeded to tell me why she had two piece on her plate. :-) She thought it tasted like brown sugar and loved it.

So, I might make some for my parents this weekend. I want to go over to their house to let them borrow Ginsie. They caught one mouse but Mom thinks Mortimer took a wife...
Anne of a Thousand Days

Study: Mistress of French King Died From Drinking Too Much Gold

LONDON — A British medical journal has published findings saying a mistress of 16th-century French King Henry II may have died from consuming too much drinkable gold.

When French experts dug up the remains of Diane de Poitiers last year, they found high levels of gold in her hair. Since she was not a queen and did not wear a crown, scientists said it was hard to see how jewelry could have contaminated her hair and body.

Experts now say that the popularity of drinkable gold — believed to preserve youth — in the French court makes it very likely de Poitier's beauty elixir ultimately killed her. The findings were published Thursday in British medical journal BMJ.

Despite being two decades older than King Henry, de Poitiers was one of his favorites.,2933,580457,00.html?test=latestnews