December 19th, 2009



I am totally loving this. It looks like there is already a foot here at my parents' house. Hearing all the warnings last night, I decided it was probably brighter to go to Mom & Dad's where they have things like back up generators and fireplaces than staying at my town home where I have....blankets. Granted, I have a lot of blankets but, if the power goes out, blankets only hope so much. And I have an electric oven. Mom has a gas oven. It's safer to stay over here.

I forgot my camera but Mom is going to let me borrow hers. I'll try to take some pictures later on today as we walk up to church. (We're going to 5pm Mass because the last time we went and it was snowing like this, it was a ton of fun! We knew every single other person there and the priest sort of gave up during the homily and just told us to all gather around and check out the really cool nativity scene and he ended up explaining all the symbolism in it to everyone. I *think* the storm was in Jan that time)

Be safe! Make snow angels and snowmen! Have Fun!


It looks like we will have a white Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 50% chance of snow Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day! Oh My Goodness! I so would love a white Christmas. That would be so awesome!

So, bets on whether the gov't will close this week or not? I mean, it is sort of pointless given that I'm pretty sure we'll have at least liberal leave on Monday and then we get a half day Thursday along with Christmas off. And given how many people won't be at work this week anyway, without the snow? Yeah, there is a reason I'm just bringing in the headphones and snacks if we do bother with work this week...