December 30th, 2009

red cape thinking

Thinking out loud

I need to redesign the living room of my house. When the papasan chair I've had on and off for the past ten years suddenly broke (I had one knee on it as I reached over to turn the lamp on), I figure now is the time.

I love the highboy I've been using for the TV. It works wonders as an entertainment set and looks "colonial". (I think it was one of those 1970's Sears pine pieces. My parents have a bedroom set that matches it perfectly.) I don't want to get rid of that but my mission style all wood futon, the remaining "living" papasan chair and a lot of the current decor can all leave.

I *think* I can coax Mom into selling me the regency era couch she has in the living room (she doesn't like it and wants to update her living room) which would be wonderful. I'd just need a new chair then to match the rest of decor and redo the curtains.

As for the walls.... I stumbled upon this heraldic lion in black velvet wallpaper that is very droolworthy. (If anyone happens to stumble across it elsewhere, please tell me!) I would think strips of that around the room (black heraldic lion strip, very plain white wall in an alternating pattern) would look lovely but I really am not good at hanging wallpaper. At all. I've tried and

I'm thinking candle scones around the room too and I need to get some of my paintings framed as well as some of the old posters I have. As I mentioned earlier, I want to redo the curtains. Any good ideas for a psuedo-regency like room?