isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

So now for the long post

My computer and I are ready to kill each other. Oh, it's perfectly fine if I type in Word but to type in a browser? I must be insane! My computer will lock up after typing maybe a sentenance in a browser screen and it takes about a half hour or so just to post a comment anymore. It's really REALLY vexing.

So, the reason I don't use the big computer rather than the little laptop that is giving me issues is because I a)still need to transfer files and b)don't have a wireless router anymore. I'm not stretching the cable clear across the living room and into the sewing room just to use the computer that matter how tempting. I'm getting a new wireless router this week. I've just been too busy to bother with stopping by Target and get one.

So, other than that, I've been writing, sewing, and truely enjoying the weekend. Miss Ginsie seems to be having some problems with her back legs that really bothers me. She's gotten "slow" for lack of a better way to describe it. The vet has told me in the past that, due to her previous abuse, she might have bad joint problems in the future. If that's all it is, I have the medication and I'm giving it to her tonight.

As far as the sewing is going it's slow. I did pick up muslin yesterday and actually picked up the needle and thread but I hated the hand sewing job I did on one bodice so I tore it all out. I think I figured out a saner way to piece this one bodice together in the future. Hopefully, I'll get to wear the ugly pink dress and green jacket for Storvik Novice. That's my goal right now.

In other costuming related news: I'm thinking of just buying an 1870's era corset. Does anyone know of a seller that they trust? It doesn't have to be absolutely perfect or anything. I'm just looking for the shape and I'm too lazy to make my own.

Also: It looks like I'm going to England. Dad says I need to pay for my own plane ticket but he'd take care of everything else. I'd be going for a week in Sept. This means I only get one week of Pennsic. It also means that I can't buy everything I see at Pennsic. :-)
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