isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

The pink dress from heck

I have been working on this dress since March...maybe Feb. Every time I try to do something to it, I find something completely wrong with it and have to take the entire thing back apart. Like last night. The lining didn't catch correctly so I had to take out the side seam and I need to resew it tonight.

I will beat this dress into submission! I will finish it! The skirt to it is lovely and perfect. The jacket is back in pieces but that was only because I needed to add trim to the hanging sleeves. The bodice...the bodice is the epitome of evil right now...right next to the laptop. I will finish it. I will add the trim and get this stupid dress done. I also need to finish the apron that goes with this horrible creation.

It is a horrible creation, btw. The apron is mustard yellow. The dress is bright OMG pink. The trim is mustard yellow, brown, and orange. The jacket is one shade shy of avacado green and lined in brown. And it's all linen. I'll look like a 1970's color pallette exploded onto a 1570's dress but that's okay. That's sorta the point of this dress. ...and yes, I can document each of the colors to the late 16th c. That's the real fun of it.
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