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Poe Report

So, three o'clock in the morning, I figure out that the sleeves don't fit the armscye at all. I throw the gown I had been working on on to the dress dummy (that has the corset on) and take a look at what I have.

Here is the dress I was going to wear to the funeral. It's actually a lot more gray than purple but my camera is funny like that sometimes. It doesn't look nearly as bad now as it did at three in the morning. I think everything just looks bad at three in the morning though. My plan is to finish it up correctly (finish the sleeves, sew the rest of it up) and wear it for Halloween right now. Maybe I'll claim I'm Annabelle Lee....

I ended up wearing the skirt to my Elizabethan and a black bodice I made in two hours in the wee hours of the morning. For my very sleep deprived state, I didn't think it was half bad. :-)

The Funeral

It was amazing. padawansguide and I carpooled up to Westminster Hall. There was already a large crowd but our group was pretty easy to spot. :-) Inside the hall, they had a replica (?) of Poe's original tombstone that was very heavy. At some point, we all went back outside and stood along a wall for the procession. It was about then that the BBC got us. :-) (I'm hiding behind everyone. I didn't realize they were taping us!)

As the carriage holding the casket drove by (with modern police escort!), we filed in behind the actors. (Have I mentioned that the actor playing Charles Baudelaire was handsome yet?) There were bagpipers and they played Amazing Grace while the casket was carried into the Hall. We then all went back inside and took our seats in the front. I was a bit dismayed to be next to two muggles but oh well. At least a steampunker made up the end of the row!

Each of the actors were great. The fight between Rufus Griswold and pretty much everyone else (Sarah Helen Whitman, Marie Louise Shew, George Lippard, and even Baudelaire came to the rescue of Poe) was hilarious. I kept having to bite my lip from laughing because you shouldn't laugh at a funeral. No matter how crazy it is.

The actor playing Lovecraft was brilliant. He had the whole nervous "doesn't get out much" mentality down pat. It was great seeing that.

Hitchcock was extremely amusing. "Good Evening," he said as he got to the podium. "Although it is not evening, it is expected for me to say that." He had the mannerisms down which really is a huge part to "looking" like the person. Watching him sit there and twist his umbrella got fun.

And speaking of sitting, those chairs were horrible! Despite the chemise, three petticoats, and the black wool skirt, I still didn't have enough cushioning to be comfortable. The actors kept moving too in their seats because they got stuck with the same chairs! Sitting for two and half hours in those was not an easy feat.

Some additional cool stuff about the funeral; we all got a really cute paddle fan. I'm thinking a shadow box for mine.

The Wake

Where else to have a wake for Poe then at a good ole Irish pub? We tried Lucy's and it was very much gone. So, we drove in the clown van -hey, I'm sure that's what it looked like with all of us getting out in our petticoats and gowns- past the inner harbor to another Irish Pub, the James Joyce. Uh, he was a literary figure and we just celebrated the life of a literary figure, so it goes, right?

The waiter at the pub *got* that we were all from the Funeral and seemed to find it amusing that we all were at an Irish pub dressed in 1840's garb(for the wake, of course! Ignore that it was after the Funeral or that we didn't have a corpse to wake. Although, by that point, I probably could have used a wake myself. Nine hours later and only three hours of sleep? Woohoo! I'm still awake!).

The food was good and I really loved the place. I think I'll take a few non-costumy people there at some point.

So, that was the funeral. I do have a couple of pictures up on Flickr but I didn't take a lot because, well, everyone else was taking pictures and I knew I could get copies. :-D

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