isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

Now that it's fall...

And it's only 47 F outside, I broke down and got a space heater. You see, my townhome has baseboard heaters which, as I learned very well last year, do nothing but cost money. I was paying $250 to $300 a month in the winter and it was only 62 inside the house. Being cold and broke is no fun so I'm going to try the space heater for the week and see how it does. Considering it was cheap ($40 at K-mart), I'm hoping that it works well and my power bills in the winter go down considerably.

Today, I went to get the oil changed in my car at this place called the Lube Center. I saw it yesterday and, since it's not that far from my house, I decided to try it out. The car service place was awesome! They check EVERYTHING while you wait in your car. So you know exactly what they are doing (they even have a camera for beneath the car). They checked the oil, lights, battery, coolant, washer fluid, tire pressure, transmission fluid, and basically everything you'd want them to check to make sure your car is running well.

The air filter on my truck needed to be changed. They showed me the filter (it was gray) and replaced it. That plus topping off the fluids and changing the oil was a grand total of $50. The oil change alone is only $35. That might sound expensive for an oil change but they really do check EVERYTHING. I'd much rather pay a little extra and know my car is fine than only have the oil changed and find out later that the battery needed to be changed too.

The technicians were extremely nice and the manager gave me a water bottle for being one of the first customers to their new place. They also offer you juice, coffee, or water while you wait for no extra charge.

So, I'm going to go back there next time I need basic maintenance on my truck. It really is a great place if you are like me and just need to see for yourself what they do to your truck. :-)

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