isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

While I'm playing with my new toys...

IPod Nano for the win! I'm having way too much fun with it. I like walking around the mall and listening to REM or Muse and not the sounds of random people sneezing. :-)

I did go shopping today. It actually wasn't bad -at all- until noon. I got a beautiful new wool coat at Sears (hot pink!) for $59 and a bunch of sweater dresses for $9.99. They were having a great sale this morning. Hot Topic had some stuff but nothing left in my size so online for me!

Anyway, I'm reconsidering the Denim Bustle Skirt. I *adore* the back of it but the front just isn't coming out the way I want. I'm thinking of making the old jeans into ruffles on a straight front which would still be in keeping with the 1880's. Yes, this is for steampunk and, therefore, I have some leeway but other than it being denim, I want to to be recognizable as being from some part of the bustle era. Ruffles just seem to be a bit more in keeping with the overall look too....
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