isabelladangelo (isabelladangelo) wrote,

Mom's Tablecloth

Well, thank goodness, Mom loved it. I heard her talking about it when she thought I wasn't in the next room. :-) She had it out for the party this afternoon and someone got mustard, Mexican dip, and a whole host of other yuckiness on the white linen. Luckily, I washed it and it's fine. I was slightly concerned about the ribbons coming out but they were fine. So it's now drying downstairs.

I'm having way too much fun with my IPod. I'm sure I'll have fun with my camera too (12 megapixels!)but I need to wait for the memory card for that yet. Then I can do all sorts of damage with it too. For now, my IPod is a Christmas gift that I will actually use a great deal. I need to decide between downloading the Princess Bride or Willow on to it.....

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