Black horse

Alright, who just put away the last of their sweaters for summer?

I bet it's going to make a come back a couple weeks later as well, right during war week of Pennsic. Anyone going, BRING OUT THE VELVETS! Wools, heavy linens, fleece - anything warm- will be needed this Pennsic. Even without the polar vortex, it's going to just make it to 75F most of the time. With it, I wouldn't be the least bit surprise to see snow this Pennsic. Okay, yeah, it would melt quickly but don't be shocked if it happens.

And yes, 75f sounds lovely until you realized that's the high and the low is going to be the high 40s. The high temp tends to be around 2pm - this means when you want to go down to classes/war/shopping at 8-10am? Low to mid 60's, probably.

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AHA! Now the forecast makes sense! We've had highs of 99 for the last three days (with today 98 so far), and Friday-Monday should continue, with Monday scheduled for 100. But then the forecast says Tuesday and Wednesday have highs of 88, and Thursday at 81! The LOWS have been 76-78 for the last week. That will be so nice!
:-) Thank Neoguri! The typhoon is packing a bunch at poor Japan but it will be unseasonably but welcomed cool temps for us.

..although I'm still blaming who ever put away all their sweaters until Fall. ;-)
Capital Fringe Festival won't be the hottest week of the year? You might be able to breathe in the Tent? What witchcraft is this?
Well here's to Medieval Woodstock not being a hot hellish wasteland. Of course having it be a cold wet wasteland would not be much of an improvement so here's hoping you get good temps and the right clothes for the job.
As long as there are no crawdaddies this year and it doesn't look like the dead marshes straight out of Tolkien, I'm okay. ...That happened in 2007. It was very, very wet that year.
I'm hoping for room temperatures during the days, dry, and "just cold enough for blankets" at night.
I'm afraid that it might get really cold at night. Since it's July, most people won't be thinking about bringing extra fleece liners for sleeping bags or remembering to carefully line their cots with extra padding to prevent drafts. Although hyperthermia is common at Pennsic, it normally happens during the day went people are over exerting themselves. Help arrives pretty quickly. Hypothermia might happen at night when help won't arrive as quickly.